Arrow Season 2 DVD Bloopers (2/?)

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Floral jacket, floral coat, the family business.

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This is like a round of cards against humanity

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So I have not written anything in, well, forever. I worked at a camp for 3 months, and travelled around the US for a month after that, so 4 months in a bubble… but this just kind of came at me just now so I thought I may as well try to get it out. Apologies for patchiness… I’m rusty.

Want to dedicate this to wonderlanderwrites - she gave me a prompt ages ago for a OCD!Huntbastian fic, and I did get that filled, but I wanted to get a sequel done. And while it’s not quite OCD - more PDD (very very similar to autism) - it seemed similar enough to shout her a dedication :-)

So, yay, Huntbastian! Featuring PDD!Hunter and calming Bas. Hope you enjoy!

To the untrained eye, it all happened in an instant. Just one tiny instant of chalk scraping down the blackboard and he was out of there, cursing under his breath and fingers scrabbling over any inch of skin they could find. To the untrained eye it was a flicker, time haltin in a moment and he was gone. But to Sebastian, it meant failure. Failure to see the warning signs. Failure to read the quickening breaths and clenching fists. Failure to think that the screaming violin in the halls was that much more annoying to Hunter than it was to him. Failure to minimise the extra stimulation…

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JJK Airbrush - “I ripped some paper and drew some rocks on it. Now try to see this as a flat surface. And trust me…it is as flat as it can be” (via)

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that’s anderson, isn’t it

that’s not really the point, is it

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a Very Potter Musical

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